Our Story

Imagine holding in your hand something that has literally changed the course of history. Coveted by world leaders, aristocrats, savvy collectors, and fashion icons alike, its’ beauty is nothing short of stunning. As soon as you touch it you immediately understand why it has been revered and sought after throughout history.

You are holding a fancy color diamond.

Now imagine owning one or more of these magnificent rarities through a process almost as rare as the diamond itself.  Imagine gaining access to one of the world’s foremost suppliers of “nature’s most beautiful art” at wholesale prices.  If you can imagine these things, then you grasp the vision of Adam Lowe, CEO of The Diamond Market and co-founder of PetersenLowe.

Adam-pixThe Roots of the Man

Adam Lowe is a man who believes in things you can touch. Undaunted by what others claim is impossible to accomplish, he started a corporate jet company as a young man of 22. Relentless, he then added other successful enterprises such as gold bullion, real estate, and commercial lending, foreseeing an anticipated shift in the American and global economies.  With a drive to “owning now what others will want later,” Adam has always been one step ahead of competitors in the world of business. At the same time, he is a man deeply committed to philanthropic endeavors that have benefited the poor and broken families in Florida and New York.

The Birth of a New Idea

A chance meeting with industry giant Martin Rappaport introduced Adam to the world of diamonds, the perfect complement to his background in precious metals and luxury services.  A friendship was formed and Mr. Lowe was soon introduced to some of the global leaders in this very exclusive fraternity.  Before long, he found himself traveling to foreign countries to research this unique industry and explore the possibility of entering a very small circle of experts and competitor colleagues.  Additional relationships were formed along the way, and a series of introductions gave him direct access to multiple working mines in such countries as Australia, Congo, South Africa, Belgium, and Canada.

While his network of friends and miners was expanding, Mr. Lowe observed that few companies specialized in fancy color diamonds and even fewer were direct suppliers to the public. With this keen discovery, a wholesale diamond distribution company was formed.  Starting as a supplier and resource manager of color diamonds to high-end jewelers, he then made a strategic decision in 2012 to expand its operations to include direct sales, exclusively through seasoned financial professionals.  This strategy he named “Concierge Service” due to the unusually personal and discreet form of private presentation. The Diamond Market is the only company that provides direct access to a global inventory of affordable luxury distributed exclusively through carefully selected independent agents.

The Diamond Market has grown from humble beginnings to a recognized global leader in fancy color diamonds.  With headquarters just outside of Miami, Florida, and with offices in Tel Aviv, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, the companies include satisfied customers around the globe. It also receives the highest ratings by the Better Business Bureau.

Our Products

PetersenLowe supplies only color diamonds certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the most prestigious certification company in the world.  Rough diamonds are usually secured directly from working mines, then transferred to Tel Aviv for cutting and initial design.  Upon arrival in the United States, each diamond is set by master jewelers at purchase and is delivered with a seven-day money back guarantee.  On major purchases, a detailed report by Stephen Hofer, the world’s foremost authority on rare color diamonds, is often included; but for other items a Hofer report is always available for an additional charge.