In ages past, rarities were reserved for the privileged few. Purple fabric for the elite, vermillion ink for the emperor, and color diamonds for royalty. Precious metals were only for those with rank and title.

Today elegance is not just for celebrities; it is for those who choose to make it their own. Nothing expresses love like a jewel that steals the breath away and jolts the heart to gallop. PetersenLowe is a concierge jeweler, specializing in natural fancy color diamonds, rarities that will bring you unforgettable delight.

At PetersenLowe we want to share in your pleasure as you give or receive an exceptional gem. Natural color diamonds are the rarest jewels on the planet, and we have searched the world to bring them to your door. Neither clear nor synthetic stones can bring the same experience or value as the extraordinary jewels that our concierge service offers. Buyers don’t have to settle for a pre-made creation; they can express their preference and order a setting as individual as they envision it. Each creation is custom designed to fit your style and desire.

Envision, create, give, and enjoy ~
the world’s most precious possessions at your fingertips.