• The contribution one leaves with beloved children and the world.
  • The way one will be remembered.
  • Considering one’s legacy is often the preoccupation of the mature.

The experience and lessons of a lifetime are worthy of remembrance. For children to avoid the parent’s mistakes is one goal of the mature. To leave the world a better place is another.

In keeping with this, many parents and grandparents carefully design a plan to establish this heritage: how to instill and solidify memories and values after they are gone. It is not just about wealth transfer. It is about the ideas and character that make a life.

At PetersenLowe, we find that many clients want to impart to their children a valuable symbol of that life: something their adult children can wear as a striking reminder of “Mother” or “Father”.

Monetary inheritance is frequently consumed once it has been passed down. Heirloom rings or necklaces formerly worn by the parent, however, are different. They are likely to remain cherished for generations. Color diamonds, in particular, are a precious expression of legacy, bringing fond remembrances whenever they are worn. They endure the test of time.