Interview with Actress and Russian supermodel Gia Skova


1. What is most Important for you in decorating? What is the first thing you look for?

Answer: The most important thing is great attention to detail, it is important to me that the time effort and energy come together and I look for style and class. I am fascinated as of late by Natural Fancy Color Diamonds they are natures art in its most sophisticated form.

2. Tell us about your favorite Jewelry, maybe they have their own history?

Answer: Funny you should mention that my favorite jewelry is of course Diamonds and yes they do have quite a history in fact it is said that the youngest diamond is a mere 9 Billion years old, now that’s history.

3. What precious metal do you prefer white gold, yellow, silver, platinum, palladium?

Answer: Palladium of course as it was named after the asteroid Pallas, which was itself named after the epithet of the Greek goddess Athena, acquired by her when she slew Pallas I love ancient mythology. Also Palladium is found in the Norilsk Complex in Russia another reason I like it.

4. Which gems do you have a special affinity for?

Answer: I am quite fond of Natural Blue and Red Diamonds they remind me of the depths of the earths core and the bright and beautiful blue sky above.

5. What do you look for in the first place when choosing a piece of Jewelry? I would buy jewelry if it was sold at a deep discount?

Answer: The right price is certainly nice however I understand the complexity and the rarity of the pieces of Jewelry that I am partial to and I prefer to own something truly one of a kind and unique over a mass produced commercial item.

6. Do you prefer to buy Jewelry abroad or in Russia?

Answer: I prefer to design and build my own Jewelry as of late I haven’t really made any formal announcements but I am working with a global Investment grade Diamond firm The Diamond and I am creating my own signature fine jewelry line titled “Tears of Aphrodite” it will be coming soon so I suppose I like my own Russian designed fine jewelry.

7.What was the most striking Jewelry gift in your life?

Answer: I am absolutely in love with a gorgeous embellished Natural Orange Diamond Ring given to me by the Owner of The Diamond it was that piece that inspired me to design my own personal line of high end Fancy Color Diamond Jewelry the firm was kind enough to review my concepts and we are now moving forward on the “Tears of Aphrodite” collection by Gia Skova.

8.What can you say about the fashion trends this season? In your opinion, what is the current style?

Answer: I am noticing a lot of White …seems as though summer brides aren’t the only one wearing white this season I love vivid colors but a blank canvas starts out white for a reason and once the paint is applied you have a master piece so I say wear what moves you from day to day and live and love life.

9.Which of the Russian and foreign celebrities might you call the highest standard of taste in terms of choosing jewelry accessories?

Answer: One word comes to mind Faberge’, in fact Peter Carl Faberge’ the famous Russian Jeweler would be 166 years old May 30th, I also loved Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee last year it is safe to say she has a high standard of taste in choosing Jewelry.

10. Do you think in Russia there are Jewelers who are able to represent Russian designs at the international level?

Answer: I do believe the next Faberge’ is just waiting to be found I also encourage you to see my personal fine jewelry designs in the months ahead at The Diamond through my signature collection “Tears of Aphrodite” I hope everyone enjoys my inspirational art through the medium of Natural Rare Fancy Color Diamonds.

11. What piece of Jewelry would you like to receive as a gift?

Answer: That is a loaded question…I would like to receive most all pieces of jewelry as a gift I wouldn’t turn away the gesture of a gift but if I was to give you a hint I love the pear shaped diamonds and use many of them in my new designs for the “Tears of Aphrodite” Collection.